Green Initiative

Orsett’s green initiative, Simply Green, incorporates the essence of green building, where practical, by focusing on the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Orsett’s standards in all our buildings are to minimize energy consumption. Innovative insulations products, like those made of recycled blue jeans, are utilized whenever possible. Constantly working to better our developments in energy efficiency, we seek out products that incorporate some level of recycled material – either pre or post-consumer waste.

Simply Green embraces a ‘form follows function’ design process where architectural features and elements are not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also function to minimize cost and material usage.  This initiative translates to the use of ‘decorative’ masonry piers as structural columns and exposed structural masonry and concrete flooring, which is both aesthetically pleasing and minimizes materials consumed.

Orsett’s interior architects are given the Simply Green mandate and work within practical boundaries to select interior finishes that not only comply with, but go beyond the governmental requirements for V.O.C. emissions and use of recycled material, thereby providing a healthier indoor work environment. All interior as well as exterior lighting is energy efficient fluorescent or metal halide, with minimal halogen spot light accents.  The use of motion sensor switches in restrooms and offices is also employed to minimize energy consumption.

For the landscaping, Simply Green applies low water usage designs combined with minimal and drought resistant plants to contribute to saving scarce water resources.  Storm water runoff recharges the groundwater via engineered dry-wells that have been properly filtered. Even during the course of construction, Orsett directs the general contractor to establish a recycling program for construction ‘waste’ such as scrap metal and cardboard.

Orsett is proud to be doing its share for the environment through its initiative, *Simply Green*. By developing healthy energy-efficient buildings and by encouraging its partners to also be good stewards of natural resources we do our part to create a better way of life.